New Challenges for Market-Driven Strategy

Nowadays, as leaders argue convincingly that marketing is entering an important new stage of development involving a complex network mechanism that interrelate customer value and organizations value for all of its stakeholders. On this era, all of the challenges should be considered by market-driven businesses with its strategy. Speaking about market-driven, do you know the definition? To summarized sentences by George S. Day, the definition of market-driven is to giving customers what they say they wants. In which, customer is essential entity. Customer focused being a priority in the market-driven businesses. However we should remember that not all customers are equally valuable, nor does every need demand equal attention. Instead, market-driven firms/businesses achieve superior profits by selectively nurturing the customers with the highest profit potential. (I should quote it since above sentence are very important attention).

APPLICATION 1: Market-Driven Strategy at Tesco International


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